Reference Reading and Links


Useful reference material and web links relating to having a respectable signal on the 160 meter band.

“Ham Radio for Dummies”   2nd Edition  (pdf)

Antenna articles and references:

“Antennas and Projects”; ARRL Handbook
“Vertical Antennas” Ch.9; ON4UN LowBand DXing
“Selecting Your Antenna System”, Ch 4; ARRL Antenna Book
“Optimum Radial Ground Systems”; QST Aug, ’03 p.39
Intro to Hamfesters Radio“; Australian Radio and Space Services

Links for further research in getting on the 160 meter band

Baluns – How they work   Good info on baluns (more balun articles)
Lightning Primer – Zook – Glen Zook, K9STH – very good info
ARRL Antenna Articles  – Lightning protection QST, 2002
HCDX Articles on Grounding
Radio Works great notes on Grounding
L.B. Cebik, W4RNL on antennas excellent info – log in req’d
How they do it in Hawaii
DX Zone web site on grounding
Excellent Summary of suitable 160 meter antennas  by the “1900group”
Allied Technical Handbook – 1969

RFI and TVI information

Telephone RFI, W1AEX, PDF flile

Archive of old manualsRFI and TVI information

 Allied Radio Catalogs 1929 thru 1960
 Allied Radio Data Handbook   1969
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