W9IE High Power Antenna Tuner – 2014


Latest version of Ken, W9IE, antenna tuner.  It features very high power capability with vacuum variable capacitors and edge wound tuning coil.   It uses the venerable Collins ART-13 mechanical tuning mechanism to provide precise vernier stettings.


Tuner2K 016


Tuner2K 019


Tuner2K 010

Tuner2K 009

Tuner2K 008

Tuner2K 011

Below: January 2017 version of W9IE tuner.

The turning mechanism is “Collins 20 turn turns counters out of a ART-13 Transmitter”
It is NOT Motorized.
The front panel is the same with no changes as to the pictures you have on your Web Site.
I made the Chassis out of 1/4 inch plate Aluminum.
The Tuner electrical configuration is a  “T”,  Which means that one point each of the Vacuum Variables and Roller Inductor are above ground.
The large plate each of these pieces are mounted to is held above ground by the Nylon bolts and spacer which are threaded into the bottom chassis plate which is Ground.
The Relay on the rear is a  DPDT Relay which switches the tuner in or out of the circuit.

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