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HamShack2History and Comments about Chiburban Mobileers

Please feel free to add your comments and remineninences of
the “good old days” of the Mobileers. Send them to Neal, WA9FTU.

To all;

What a bunch of wonderful memories of great old times and friends. Thanks
for setting up the website. The hunts were so much fun and we would usually
end up at Bob’s (KJ4TM ex K9SBL) and Mikes house (I can’t remember Mike’s
call) and a good time just continued.

I was one of those guys whose headlights dimmed when I talked. A nice corona
off the whip was always a good thing, telling you that you were tuned really
right-on. And talk about an ugly antenna, a home made center loaded bug
catcher with an eight foot whip on top. I thank either Pat, K9JAU or Bob,
ex K9SBL for this website address. I forget which passed it on to me. But
I’ll never forget either of them, especially Mike.


K4FZZ/ex K9ATM (Amateur Trouble Maker)
Milt Nevrenchan
nevrenchan @ yhti.net
August 28, 2005

I would guess that the Mobileers began in ’57 or ’58. I think
that Burt, K9GSK from Tinley Park and a couple of others met in a forest preserve
one Sunday afternoon, and the rest, as they say, is history. The original
meetings were held in the Tinley Park municipal building, I think, and eventually
moved in to Chicago at a V F W post at 99th and Western. Many relocation after
that, and in the beginning the meetings were monthly.

Lots of transmitter hunts on Saturday nights. We were run out
of a lot of places!! The Blue Island police got tired of us; one night a Robins
cop told us to get the f… out of his town or he would take all of our a…..s
to jail!! We obliged!! One night we all got really covered with mud helping
to push/pull a would-be hunter out of the mud!! One night Gary Thelan, K9CYU
pulled in along the SAG Canal and drove over a sleeping drunk lady!! She was
parallel to the car – his tires went either side of her. The police knew her
and were tougher on her than on us. The first Gary knew of it was that this
woman came out from under his car and wanted to get inside with him!!

There, outside of the Elmac transmitters a couple of ‘standard’
mobile rigs. The 6AQ5 choke modulated by a 6AQ5 ran about ten watts and wasn’t
too hard on the battery. The big brother to that rig substituted 2E26s for
final and mod. Xformer coupled carbon mike to grid speech; triode xtal oscillator
to final. Simple stuff – did a good job. Lots of detuned car receivers. Most
would tune up to 1850 or so – in late fifties the band went from 1800 to 1825.
Enough room to maybe hold 3 QSOs. 1975 to 2000 was the West Coast allocation.

The mobile antenna was an art form. Ideally you got the coil
at or just above the roof line. The coil should be as large in diameter and
length as the fender would stand: Wire size as big as practical, and the whip
above the coil as long as you had the guts to do!! A capacity hat, at right
angle to the whip and just above the loading coil helped. They were ugly as
hell, but the bigger, the better. Master made a commercial coil; did a good
job. There was a commercially available helical wound whip; Mark Heliwhip,
I think that was really pretty and inefficient as hell!!

The big guns ran 50 watts; in the late fifties a lot of power
supplies were WWII surplus dynamotors and a lot of cars still had generators.
Some six volt electrical systems were still around. You sure didn’t screw
around tuning an antenna with the engine turned off!! We were all young then
and thought it was fun to push start a friends car!!

It was a lot of fun. — de Pat, K9JAU

Just got web page address, read history page, and it brought
back a lot of memories. I feel very lucky to have been one of the original
members ( was at first meeting held at firehouse) when a name was picked for
club. Of course since moving, have lost touch with many old friends. Maybe
this site will bring some back together again feel sorry for the people that
didn’t get to enjoy those GLORY days of radio. KJ4TM Bob Richard ex K9SBL


Hi Neil,
W9BZO was, in fact, the club call. Early sixties, maybe. Possibly someone
would have an appropriate call book. The club did code practice from the WCGO
transmitter/antenna site in Chicago Heights for several years during that
time period. The engineer at the location helped isolate one of the towers
for the purpose and there was a purpose built antenna tuner which resonated
the setup for our purposes. The club got sig. reports from all over hell.
The club call was used for some special service things – not sure how long
we held W9BZO, but it might be fun to get it back.

Bob, (Tex) K9CYS, I think, was responsible for that effort.
He had an Elmac setup which he dragged to the xmtr shack every Tuesday night.
Pat, K9JAU

Great Job, Neal (and Brian) ! I’m sure happy that someone took the old proverbial
“bull by the horns” and put something like this together for all
to have and enjoy. The roster is quite impressive! It brought back many memories.
I sure appreciate the efforts that went into it all.The roster had me reminiscing of the old days on AM and the meetings on Western
Avenue. It seems like just the other day! Looking at the roster, I see lots
of silent keys though. Lots of good times, with lots of good people, many
now gone!This has caused me to break out my old log book and QSL cards from the golden
days of 160, as I knew it. I even found an old WA9FTU card from June of ’64
when you were at 10782 S. Peoria St! You were running 40W. with a Ranger I
and used an SX-117 and a LF conv. to RX on a center-fed 125′ lingerie antenna.
Our ISO was 2xAM….brings back memories of my ole DX-100 running out of the
second floor of my Dad’s house with RF biting me off the D-104.I’ve got a few update/corrections to the roster as well as a number of additions
that I will list below, telling you all I know from log or QSL information
I have.
de Roger, K9RB

I have received a note from Bob, (KJ4TM/K9SBL) that included
two Mobileers Directories. This directory is dated 1971. It indicates it is
the second edition, while it lists the First Edition dated 1969. Bob also
sent a Third Edition, 1973. Bob is in disbelief that he saved these directories
all these years! I will turn the paperwork over to Neal, WA9FTU, Mobileer
Historian. Thanks Bob! –de Brian, W9HLQ

So in summary, it appears there exists a 1969, First Edition; 1971, Second
Edition; 1973, Third Edition directory in hard copy.



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