Grounding Devices and Equipment


ICE Products - Industrial Communication Engineers

Coaxial Lightning arrestors and control line arrestors.  Formally ICE 303U and 302U1 to 500MHz ranges

Control Line Arrestors 8,12, and 16 wire

Ladder Line and Open Line Arrestor

Model AS-309H

AS-RXFEP –  Limiter / Receiver Front End ProtectorFormally ICE model 197 (196) AS-402 – an broadcast band high pass filterthat attenuates below 1.8MHzFormally ICE model 402



DX radial plate


 DX Engineering Radial Plate

The DX Engineering Radial Plate is meant for those of you that have or are building a quarter wave vertical antenna and who want an easy, neat and effective way to connect those essential radial wires and the coax to your vertical antenna for the lowest takeoff angle and strongest signals.


Grounding box 001Antenna entrance by Ed, K9EGS

Grounding box 002

by Ed, K9EGS

Grounding box 003

by Ed, K9EGS



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