Our Daily Radio Net (and QTH map)


Typical Mobileer on the netWe meet on the air weekdays on 1935 kHz, at 10:30 am.  Come, join us!

(Find out where we are located by using our location map at the bottom of this page)

We have a published list of regular check-ins for the daily net.  If you check in three or so times, and wish to get on the list, we will be happy to place you on the list. On the weekends there is no formal gathering, but some may be around on frequency.

See 1935 Guest Roster (at bottom of the page) for many folks who have checked in with us.

Call on the frequency and see if anyone is around.

Visitors are always welcome!

The “Who’s Who?” List

Call Name Town Email
K9FO * Will Bowser Monee, Il woody7258 @ sbcglobal.net
W9HLQ Brian Davis Tinley Park, Il w9hlq @ hamfesters.org
WA9BXI Bob V. Haas Tinley Park, Il wa9bxi @ yahoo.com
WA9PKQ Billy Richardson Oak Forest, Il bill6240 @ sbcglobal.net
KB9IPT Lou Gasper Dyer, Indiana kb9ipt@att.net
WA9FTU * Neal Nichols Tinley Park, Il wa9ftu@comcast.net
George Ostrowski Hinsdale, Il geo@k9paw.com
NN9T * Bob C. Haas Bradley, Il nn9t@hotmail.com
KA9HMV Rich Schneider Worth, Il rfschn@aol.com
KB9VR * Jim Boothe Monee, Il kb9vr73@gmail.com
KB9VWD Paul Wozniak Crestwood, Illinois kb9vwd@aol.com
N9DWE * John Krueger Monee, Illinois johnk17856@aol.com
W9IE Ken Buser Kankakee, Illinois kenbuser@gmail.com
W9IC Al Turkstra Tinley Park, Illinois w9ic@comcast.net
W9ZJ Bill Vehe LaGrange, Illinois w9zj@arrl.net
N9LYE John Norton Wilmington, IL n9lye@hotmail.com
NI9H Pete Nikolic Momence, Il pnikolic@sbcglobal.net
WA9CGZ Joe Price Peotone, Il joeprice@ameritech.net
K9NR Don Kerouac Kankakee, IL donk9nr@gmail.com
W9KXT * Steve Peters Orland Park, Illinois swpeters@comcast.net
K9FJP Daryl Smith (Smitty) Frankfort, IL smitty@abeep.com
KC9QPM Don Elmore Wilmington, IL .
N9RJM Rollie Hertz Kankakee, Il n9rjm@hotmail.com
    . .
    . .
15-Apr-2015  * = 160 mobile  capable  


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1935 Guest Roster

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